FINE CRAFTSMEN® is an international premium lifestyle brand that exclusively caters to the members and family of the world’s oldest and largest fraternity, THE FREEMASONS.


The brand was founded by Bro Manny Laxamana of Norberto S. Amoranto Masonic Lodge No. 358 in the year 2014 and originated in Manila, Philippines. Bro Manny believes that as Masonry is a way of life, so does the Masonic Clothing should be. He was inspired thereon to establish an apparel company that will serve as a lifestyle brand exclusive for its members and family. Using his talent and experience as a former Business Development Manager of some international brands such as FUBU, DYSE ONE, and UNION BAY. He curved a different landscape by infusing lifestyle branding into masonic merchandise.


The first Brand Ambassador was Bro Albert Henry Peek also known as Ali “The Mountain” Peek, a former Professional Basketball Superstar, and a member of the fraternity from MW Roberto Q. Pagotan Masonic Lodge No. 282, He became part of the company later on. Afterward, his endorsement followed by other notable members of the craft; A-list Actor Onemig Bondoc of AG MW Pedro Gimenez Masonic Lodge No. 370; Model and Actor Bro Luke Jickain of Muog Lodge No. 89; Former Matinee Idol Bro Deo “Railey” Valeroso of Bernardo Carpio Masonic Lodge No. 359; Who all became partners as the company continues its growth. Bro Ali Atega of Marikina Masonic Lodge No. 119, an optometrist by profession, completed the Fine Craftsmen Business Group.


Fulfilling its brand promise as an international lifestyle brand, Fine Craftsmen is the only masonic brand activated official brand collaborations with several International Brands like New Era Cap, Giordano, Luminox Watch, Rudy Project, Russia’s Sturmanskie, and more. From its brick-and-mortar store in Quezon City, Philippines, the brand expanded to cater to off-shore market stocking in New York and California USA, Perth Australia, Guam, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and Tokyo Japan.


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